I think I'll go to Boston next Monday.


We tend to perceive what we expect to perceive.

It was very lucky that you came today.

She was so in love with the boy that she could only see his qualities.


We must be ready for anything.

Do you have something you'd like to say?

Johnny often walks around the house without any clothes on.

Be careful. You're going to stir up a hornet's nest.

To some life is pleasure, to others suffering.

Betty's smile vanished instantly.

Let's meet sometime in the near future.

One of them will have to go.

A warm, sunny day is ideal for a picnic.

Don't be paranoid.

Joubert is engaged in medical research.

She always tries something new.

I can't do this by myself.

They're hiding something from me.

You should be very happy.

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Hold the rope.

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It's a lot easier to fall in love than to stay in love.

She is honest and above bribery.

He's only two years older than Jane.

Don't you dare cry!

I'll be in my quarters.

I recommend we keep our distance.

I thought they were wrong.

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Some day you will have to reap the harvest of your own sowing.


I didn't mean to say that you couldn't join us.


She is careless about the way she dresses.

Let's split the reward fifty-fifty.

He had a sheepish grin on his face when she told him that she had found out his secret.


Their assignments were handed in on September 1st.

The man chased the robber into the street.

I caught a glimpse of him.


Sanche looked the other way.


Do you have a Finnish dictionary?

Of the three candidates, I think Mr Smith is the best.

She was too shocked to speak.

You can't just walk around and start slandering people.

She deposits 10,000 yen in the bank every month.


Answer this question again, please.


Please send it to me by fax.

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What's the side effect?

Elric kicked open the door and entered the room.

The policeman wrested a gun from the murderer.

You must be an idiot!

No matter what the cost, I will accomplish that.

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Such drastic economic growth cannot be sustained.


I think that is his trademark.

Did you tell Shari about where you went today?

Tell me how he got it.

The editor glanced over the manuscript.

It is out of fashion.

He has accumulated wealth.

Seymour plays the bass guitar in our band.


The light shone like so many stars.

You're the one who kissed me.

To my relief he recovered from his illness.

Many politicians employ spin doctors whose job it is to dress up unpalatable government decisions so they will be more readily accepted by the public.

Thank you for the suggestion.

What do you think of this?

The coach gave him some good advice.

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She said that.

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I had to show Graham something.

This coffee is really good.

Atomic energy can be utilized for peaceful purposes.

We need it.

That horse came in first place.

The doctor gave it to her.

Ozan had a weird dream last night.

I hear they're pretty good.

Please remind me to give back this book.

I think you know that's impossible.

Later I'll go to the movies with my friend.

He spoke to the teacher.

Some are moderate; some are radical.

100 years is called a century.

I'll do everything within my power to make sure your children are safe.


Has Hon ever been arrested?

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Thank you for remembering.


He owes me a lot of money.


I built one.

Marguerite will drive you home.

I'd like to insure my luggage.


Your memory hasn't improved much, has it?

Minute particles are hardly visible to the naked eye.

It must be time for dinner: I'm terribly hungry.

His aunt's apple pie was delicious, so he had a second helping.

We bought her a necklace.


Please confine yourself to a short comment.

Huey accepted that what Rudy said was true.

His father was a carpenter.

What on earth was that?

You never called back.

Harry is the tallest boy in his football team.

Soon after this Kay came in again, with thick gloves on his hands, and his sledge slung across his back.

I want to know exactly what you said to Sri.

Hunger is the best seasoning.

Fall is when we can study best.

Her wish is to become a good teacher.

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Shahid got suspicious.


I had to call off the party.

Bring me some water, would you?

They oppose the plan to raise taxes.


Where will we rendezvous?

You have to study English step by step.

The nurse took his temperature with a thermometer.


You could save money by buying in bulk.


He tried to impress her.

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The first rays of the sun tore the cloudy veil and the outline of a rocky island appeared.

Merton went to the university's open day.

Keep away from the dog.

Not at all.

Your time's almost up.

The dairy farmer died.

Ian invited his friends over.


I'll sleep on the couch.

Trent didn't have to stay.

The soldiers were marching two abreast.

I baked these cookies for her.

I haven't had my coffee yet.


I couldn't understand why she frowned at him.


Mr White soon began to feel guilty.

Ken has not been here since this morning.

I don't want to take the chance.


Barter, however, was a very unsatisfactory system because people's needs seldom matched exactly.

She is engaged in writing letters.

I kicked the dog.

Do you like fishing? Maybe we could get together sometime.

Because of the storm, we were obliged to stay at home.

The soup tastes of garlic.

I didn't tell you to fire her.

I'm sorry. I take back my words.

The news upset her deeply.

I wrote the note.

She enjoyed the movie.

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!

She doesn't stop writing letters.

I like eating melons from Hami.

Arthur looked outside.


Belinda walks to school.

She should be there now because she left early.

He didn't even know our names.

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Isabelle said he liked the new carpet.

I need to talk with you about something.

Mike says he can't understand how Vladimir manages to make so much money working only one day a week.


He wanted help.

I wanted Paul to confess.

There were many children in the room.

The defendant stays in custody.

Considering the regional cooperation and good neighborly relations as pillars that guarantee peace.

I have fond memories of Heinz.

There are thousands of participants at today's event.

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There was little furniture in the room.

The dog ate my homework.

That was a good time.


The truth is that I don't really love you anymore.

Let's not even worry about that today.

He came tumbling after.